Nadja by Breton

21.23 min
Live Performance
Fischer Landau Center, New York

In the live performance 'Nadja by Breton' Marcin alludes to the topography of desire embodied in Breton’s story. Whilst balancing on a wooden construction inbetween two tress, she reads an Ecriture-automatique about a walk through the city of New York, explaining feelings of alienation towards a public space that is no longer social but commercial. As she steps closer and closer towards the center of the wooden beam, holding on to a single leaf of a tree, the beam starts to wabble and shake increasingly. Consequently, an enormous tension enfolds within the audience. Suddenly, the beam breaks into two pieces and Marcin lands an a gigantic sculpture that has been installed on the ground, covering only a small part of the center. Hence, a man from the audience starts to scream: “Call 911. Call 911. Why is noone calling 911?” Marcin's performance raises questions of social communication and accountability to the design and usage of a public, social and personal space as an immanent principle of life.