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From Hollywood to Buchenwald

21.49 min
Live Performance
Pawnshop Gallery, Los Angeles

In 'From Hollywood to Buchenwald' the performer tells a story about a
horse ride from Buchenwald to Hollywood, meanwhile she is sitting in a white house simultaneously being projected live in the exterior courtyard. As the story gets more and more surreal and dream-woven, all of the sudden the land of plenty is in Buchenwald and the souls of the Jews are asking for their bodies. Food is chasing us. Finally, the performer leaves the house and starts to interact with the gathered crowd. She faces individual people, attempting to get closer to them, and asks repeatedly, 'Are you an actor?' 'Are you a director?'

As story telling is based on pretense, illusion and nostalgia, the audience is invited first into a narrative. In the second part of the piece the performer breaks out of the frame, steps beyond the level of politeness and ‘attacks’ the audience. By breaking the rules, the action becomes an actuality and threatens the viewers. In “From Hollywood to Buchenwald”, Marcin points to possible parallels between the entertainment business and Fascism.