King Kong Theory

22.45 min
Live performance
Momentum Worldwide, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin

'King Kong Theory' is based on the book 'King Kong Theory' by the French feminist Virginia Despentes. Despentes selects as the protagonist femininity, which moves between the poles of staged reality, perception and self-assertion. It speaks to the diversity and uniqueness and against defined roles and clich├ęs that govern our everyday image and shape our reality. King Kong, so to speak, her protagonist, embodies a natural, perfect original condition - neither man nor animal, male or female, good or bad - that changes only through the act of domestication into a true beast.

In 'King Kong Theory' Marcin pushes out this exciting moment of animalistic simplicity and civilized complexity, her skepticism against rigid categories. She acts out her interpretation of 'Ann Darrow', while 'King Kong' is present in form of a distinctive sculpture. The immensely powerful appearing reminiscent of a gorilla evokes in contrast to the petite woman the traditional idea of good and evil, but the brutality of the original and the its traditional constellation are absent. In Despentes sense, subscribed gender roles need to be challenged and eradicated: Behind the perfect facade of tradition, where everything has its natural place, is a hidden standarizing and value-building norm supported by a poor, social structure. In the interaction with the supposedly man-eating beast Marcin reveals our dualistic negative-positive perspective and demonstrated to us their at times dangerous and hurtful absurdity.

Text by Veit Rieber, Art Historian, Berlin