Love's Surrogates II

23:48 min
Live Performance
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts, New York

Standing on the artifact of privacy, a decontextualized dresser, Marcin unfolded a narrative about 'The Girl’s' childhood, presaging the rollercoaster of the Girl's love life, as well as power dynamics inside her family. Each sequence found humorous punctuation as Marcin launched herself repeatedly from a dresser onto a mini trampoline and onto the belly of an enormous sculpture (a blue dog-like animal) lying supine with knobby knees and elbows. Hence, Marcin chose a man from the audience, giving a concrete example for 'The Girl’s' interaction, placing him on a seat and giving him a hug. The awkward mini-romance dissolved when a Tango dancer stepped into the scene, taking her away on a dynamic dance in midst of the audience. Through an existential self-questioning, Marcin depicts the ambivalent world of emotions from its tragic-comical, unpredictable side and challenges the viewer to take position on the "The Girl's" experience.