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New Cube

5.46 min
Live Performance
Denniston Hill
Glen Wild, New York

The live performance "New Cube" highlights competing physical and mental states to describe the relationship between body, site and psyche.

Whilst reading from a narrative about a woman being expelled from her cube, Marcin is walking on the tilted roof of the historical house of the Denniston Hill residency. She interesects the parable story with lyrics of „Blurred lines“, the famous misogynist song by Robin Thicky in which nude models showcase their bodies to words as "You‘re a good girl! / Can‘t let it get past me / Me fall from plastic / Talk about getting blasted“.

Her performance culminates in an ironic repetition of "Good girl!“ and the final releasing jump from the roof into a life net held by members of the audience, literally shifting the audience‘s responsibility from witness to becoming life savers.

The project was realized with the kind support of the Denniston Hill residency and Andy Leider.