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Zero Gravity

2:11 min
Video- Performance
Tampa, Fl

Zero Gravity plays upon the divide between mind and body. During the Zero Gravity flight experience, the artist quotes from Nietzsche’s famous text God is dead, overwhelmed by the endorphin releasing condition. In an age torn between virtual reality and physical existence, the piece illuminates how the heaviness of the mind can be lifted by a physical environment and vice versa. Contradictionarily, Zero Gravity displays the intellect as source for intuition and the physicality as force of control. The emotionality and gravity of the text finds expression, simultaneously Marcin is hindered through the release of endorphins, which she sees as a metaphor for the omnipresent triumph of The Society of the Spectacle (1967, Debord). Zero Gravity is a work of art that takes the audience to a new level of consciousness of both body and mind. Commissioned by WARP Contemporary Art Platform for Coup de Ville and co-sponsored by Aurora Aerospace.