Are you lonesome tonight

3.37 min, HDV
Police Bar, Kaunas

In 'Are you lonesome tonight' Nadja appears in a public bar in Kaunas, Lithuania, which belongs to the head commissar of the police. She mimics the Elvis performance of 'Jailhouse Rock', wearing a hand-made costume that could be a cross between a German gymnast’s and erotic lingerie. As she tries to interact with the partly inebriated guests, such as some older men playing chess, or a woman who actually joins in the dance and begins taking her clothes off, she turns the bar into a playground for an exhibition. Marcin’s implicitness to maintain a physical, energetic and out of order presence clashes the stagnancy of the expected. Therefore, a field of tension and ambiguity enfold between each character’s right to maintain and define its existence. The two different concepts start to interrelate and battle. In the center stands the absurdity of the question, whether Elvis could be contemporary and, if so, could he be a woman? Marcin manages to caricature the contradictions within a young, provocative, post-feminist attitude and, simultaneously, the stigma of an elder generation’s torpor.

At the opening of Kaunas Biennale Marcin performed her “Are you lonesome tonight” video-performance as live karaoke on a stage and invited the audience to sing along.

This project was commissioned by TEXTILE’09- Kaunas Biennale.