Everything is nothing

12.24 min, HDV
Berlin, Germany

All scenes of 'Everything is nothing' take place inside the spaces of Cinema Babylon in Berlin. Through lightening, improvisation and choreography the structures of the rooms are used as a stage for theatrical scenes that bring the uncanny into a familiar space.

As a Girl errs through an Odyssey of encounters, she meets the DJ, the Gang, the Vampires, the Lady, the Student and other seductive characters inside of the Cinema Babylon. Meanwhile the DJ, positioned on the upper level, puts her down for having small breasts, the Gang, hiding between the seats, attempts to descend on her, simultaneously the Vampires are longing to infect her in the backstage. Instead of being destroyed, she seemingly gains more and more strength with every humiliation and develops into a witty and calm protagonist.

The encounters are determined by a sexual and psychological violence in a highly surreal, grotesque but authentic manner. Consequently, the thin line between verity of fact, subjectivity of perception, sense of guilt of a victim and willingness of self-destruction forms an unanswered question that leaves the viewer with an uneasy feeling of disruption.