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How to Undress in Front of Your Husband

11.26 min, 4K digital cinema
New York, USA

The video-performance remake "How to Undress In Front Of Your Husband", replicated from a 1960s ‘how to’ video, depicts the do’s and don’ts of female disrobing, the original video turns this quotidian action into a performance under an authoritarian male gaze. Marcin recreates the video, playing all of the characters herself in delightful self-awareness, disrupting the original ‘educational’ trajectory of this narrative, while highlighting the absurdity of its creation in the first place.

“From narrator to peeping Tom husband, from the perfect wife to the undesirable wife, I am bending my characters with signifiers such as simulation of clothing, demeanor and improvisation,” Marcin reveals. “At the core, I aim to express that the full world of gender and the breadth of its expression has the potential to exist within one person, and that person is also the almighty oppressor or oppressed—depending on how we want to see it.”

(A.Nunes, 'A Sexist 1960s Film Remake Rewrites Cinema History', VICE Creator's Project, Sep 2016)

The project was supported by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, New York.