As in Sciencefiction

6.34 min, HDV
Münster, Germany

In 'As in sciencefiction' nothing that happens is fiction. Performances with surreal elements form a fragmentary script, standing in relation to the Artist’s life.

As a young Woman is driving and playing inside the woods, we get introduced to an autarkic way of being and expression. Suddenly, the Mother appears in a staged duel on a wide open field. Afterwards, the young Woman finds herself quite lonesome in a big city. As a result, she tries to redefine herself in experience with the Dancer and the Boyfriend.

All scenes were captured through the eyes of a primarily cinematographic camera work. The ‘Other’ such as Mother, Dancer and Boyfriend appear in a fragmentary script that goes along with general difficulties of the coming of-age topic, specific to the conflict of a self-determined, remote life against the pressure of social expectations inherent in the Self and the personal environment.